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Every once and a while an event comes along that really peaks my interest and tugs at my heart strings. Inspire Us Bham is one of those events. I first heard of this event when I saw Laura and Kali post on Facebook, and I immediately knew I had to be a part of it. Always growing up I was told, "You never know what battle someone else is fighting so always be kind." Now more than ever I realize that this is 100% accurate! This event has ignited a "girl power" movement, and also just genuinely restored my faith in mankind. The women that have been put themselves in the vulnerable and honest positions to share their story truly inspire me and encourage me to grow within myself. What has really hit me hard is that most of these women I have known socially through the years. I would see them or hear their name and be like, "oh her! I know her!" But now after seeing the stories that have been submitted and the ladies whose photos will be taken next week, I have realized that I didn't really "know" them all that well. And you know, a lot of them didn't know my story either.

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While I'm happy that Inspire Us Bham gave me the avenue to share my story in a way that I felt comfortable with, I'm overjoyed to have been a part of glorifying these other women and their stories.  (Read My Story Here) Getting involved with this event has helped me hit the refresh button and go back to the beginning of it all and really remember to remember that every one has a private battle of their own. And I hope that it has ignited the confidence within others to know that their story is a great story! Each of us has issues, struggles, and funny anecdotes of life that make us who we are. Every. Single. One. 

This event has shown me that together we can do it! Together we can warm up this world that seems to get colder every day. For more information on Inspire Us Bham visit HERE