Handley Breaux Designs Turns Three!

Fall of 2014 Handley began Handley Breaux Designs and took us all on a wild journey. Not one to put herself in a box of only being a wedding planner, she has done events of every shape and size. Three years later, her team has expanded to four people and seasonal interns. Today, she looks back and shares with us some of her favorite moments of Handley Breaux Designs.

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Handley Breaux Designs | We're Two Years Old!

This week Handley Breaux Designs turns two years old! I can't believe it. My oh my how time flies! Thinking back on where I was two years ago, it makes me really proud to see what all Handley Breaux Designs has accomplished and has in store for the future. I would be lying if I didn't say that I am tearing up writing this. First off, I would like to thank each and every person who has had a hand in the success of the business so far. You did not go unnoticed! Every vendor, family member, friend, barista.. thank you! Especially to the baristas...y'all know how coffee keeps me going! 

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Handley Breaux Designs | Bridesmaids Getting Ready Attire for Every Style

Being engaged is such an exciting time! What makes it even better is getting to celebrate such a big life moment with your nearest and dearest friends by your side. The majority of your wedding day morning will be spent with those gals, so it is important to make sure that everyone is cute and stylish in those "getting ready" photos! 

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Handley Breaux Designs |Gift Guide for the Bride-to-Be

With the holiday season in full swing, your social calendar is packed full of parties leaving you no room for shopping. We've gathered a few of our favorites gifts for the engaged girls on your list! Being engaged is such a sweet time, and we love showering our brides and with fun presents! There are so many great options to choose from in all price ranges --- check it out!

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Handley Breaux Designs | Styled Shoot Behind the Scenes

Last week I collaborated with some fantastic vendors for a styled photo shoot. Styled photo shoots are a time for me to really get creative. I love them! Every idea that I have that a bride doesn't go for, goes into a folder for future reference. So sometimes, those ideas get to come to life in photo shoots! 

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Handley Breaux Designs | Looks We Loved From NYFW

Naturally, I have picked out some of my favorite looks that could be work to engagement parties, wedding showers, and of course down the aisle! I always love a fashion forward bride, and these looks are to DIE for!

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Handley Breaux Designs | India Hicks Style Ambassador

I have some exciting news to share today! For anyone that knows me, you know my love of the islands and anything saltwater related runs deep. So when I was approached about being a Style Ambassador for India Hicks...it only took me a few moments to realize that this brand has values that mirror my own...

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Handley Breaux Designs | Happy Fourth of July!

It's the day of red white and blue and whether you are celebrating by the ocean or at your local BBQ gathering, chances are you need a cocktail! No matter the season, I love to incorporate seasonal fruits into my cocktails -- really to trick myself into thinking it's healthier -- but it just tastes so much better! So today, my friends, I share with you my favorite festive cocktail. The triple berry mojito! 

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Handley Breaux Designs | Behind the Scenes

We have arrived at yet another Monday morning, and in efforts to make this one less dreadful than the others...I would like to share with you some beautiful images from our styled photo shoot a few months back. As most of you know, our "Sail Away With Me" photo shoot was published on both August Willows and Weddings Unveiled! (yay!) Many months of planning went into the shoot to make sure every detail was perfect, and it wouldn't have come together without the wonderful vendor team we had. A lot of people do not know how much work goes into a wedding day, photo shoot, and even just the day to day workings of my office. So today, we take you behind the scenes to show you every step that went into the photo shoot. Enjoy!

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Handley Breaux Designs | Diaries of an Intern

Wedding season is here in full force! While I am running around like a crazy person making sure everything gets done, there are two girls by my side keeping me sane. Today I would like to introduce y'all to my fabulous summer interns Keaton and Margy! They've been doing some guest blogging, but today I want you to get to know them a little bit. Every weekend is a team effort and I couldn't do what I do without them! 

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Handley Breaux Designs | Snooze Button...

After the long weekend, the sound of my alarm clock this morning was pain to my ears. It definitely takes me a day to readjust my internal clock, and that leaves me longing for my bed all day long. We have compiled a collection of some of our favorite between the sheets essentials. All of these pretty little things are perfect for the HBD bride headed on her honeymoon for some R&R. 

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Handley Breaux Designs | Holiday Weekend Travels

Is it seriously Memorial Day weekend already?! Where did Spring go?? If you work in the wedding industry, you are probably not traveling this weekend, BUT if you're like most of the world you will be headed to put your toes in the sand somewhere. So while we are sitting in the office dreaming of a vacation, we put rounded up a few of our favorite things that need to be in your suitcase this weekend! 

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Handley Breaux Designs | Kentucky Derby Themed Party

The first Saturday of May is upon us. That means one thing--- The Kentucky Derby!  Growing up, I would watch my parents and their friends dress up in their best attire (hats included), eat hot browns, and drink mint juleps. (Mostly drink mint juleps...) Now that I'm older, I have grown to appreciate this tradition and look forward to drinking out of those beautiful cups each year. Today, I share with you my tips to throw the perfectly themed Kentucky Derby party. 

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Handley Breaux Designs: An Update

It is a week away from the Handley Breaux Designs Launch Party! I could not be more excited to spend the night celebrating with my closest friends and family as well as my friends in the weddings and events industry. So how has this journey been so far you may ask?  When I decided to start my own company, a lot of thoughts ran through my head. There were a lot of nights spent tossing and turning, contemplating how many different ways I could cook ramen noodles when I went broke, and how in the world I was going to pull this off. I kept repeating to myself one of my favorite bible verses Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you" declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." But as the sun came up and there was a new day in front of me, my fears subsided...especially when I shared my idea with those I respected and looked up to. Now I don't know if people were simply telling me what I wanted to hear OR if they really believed in me (let's go with the latter), but not one of these people doubted me, questioned me, or told me I should reconsider. The amount of love and support that has surrounded me during this gigantic life move has been astounding and humbling

jeremiah 29:11_handley breaux designs

I wake up every morning thankful for the opportunity that God has given me. I mean really, how freakin' blessed am I?! I am in an industry that is full of creative beings who spend their days planning the biggest celebrations of people's lives. People actually trust us with their proposals, weddings, anniversaries, milestone birthdays....the list goes on. I have been very fortunate to find the business that makes me incredibly happy, and I have been even more fortunate to be surrounded by such incredible people in this business. 

Now I'll try to step away from the sappy talk (Mom, put down the Kleenex) and talk about how THRILLED I am for the party next week! When I decided to have a launch party -- because duh why wouldn't i?! -- I knew that I wanted it to be an actual party. I wanted everyone that was celebrating with me to have a great time. I wanted it to be a party to announce the business and also show appreciation for everyone who has had a hand in getting me where I am today. That being said, there will be dancing, food and drink, cake, and many more little surprises for my guests. I would like to go ahead and extend a big thank you to the vendors that are helping me with the best night ever! 

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