Handley Breaux Designs | Antiques at the Gardens Floral Tastemaker: Mandy Majerik

Today, meet my dear friend Mandy Majerik of Hothouse Design! Mandy has been one of my favorite vendors ever since I got into the event industry. She's so much fun, kind, and stinkin' talented! 

mandy majerik | handley breaux designs | antiques at the gardens | floral tastemaker

Mandy was born and raised here in Birmingham, and that is where her business Hothouse Design Studio is based.  Her design has a very distinctive style-- the style of being unique. Whether it is simply the utmost traditional affair or the most modern museum party, she delivers her own unique flair. She pays attention to the details and it shows. 

handley breaux designs mandy majerik | antiques at the gardens | floral tastemaker

She prefers to use natural materials. Whether she's creating an armature out of woven grapevine or working natural fruits and berries into an arrangement, the more natural the better! She tells me that she finds inspiration in ordinary things. She looks at the ordinary and imagines how to make it extraordinary! Whether it is a unique fruit or simply using an ordinary fruit in an unexpected way, she loves for it to be an element of surprise!  

She says the craziest thing she's ever been asked to create is a dramatic altar of 5,000 freedom roses. So fitting for our theme of "Art of the Rose"! 

handley breaux designs | mandy majerik | hothouse design studio | floral tastemaker

Of course I asked her what her favorite rose is. She says she loves a garden rose, but she does have quite a love affair with David Austin 'Juliet' rose. The pinwheel center and the sweet hue of the perfect peach make it simply impeccable! 

We hope that you'll join us at the Antiques at the Gardens show this year! For tickets, Click HERE