Handley Breaux Designs | Antiques at the Gardens Floral Tastemaker: Christopher Confero

Over the top, outrageous, unforgettable...phrases that are synonymous with Christopher Confero. He creates true event experiences through design, florals, and creative use of lighting. If his birthday party last year (The Confetti Ball) was any indication...he's a showstopper! I am thrilled to have him be a part of this year's Antiques at the Gardens as a Floral Tastemaker! I'm sure his installation will be out of this world.  

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I had a little Q&A with Christopher so y'all could get to know him better.

Q: What is your style and approach to design?

A: If I'm designing for myself, my style pushes the limits. It can be excessive and unruly, but with an edited finish. When I'm working for a client, my background in the arts really shows through. As I'm combining their style with my abilities and knowledge of large scale production, it amplifies things to levels they never dreamed possible. 

Q: What are your favorite materials to use?

A: I do enjoy mixing live flowers with other unexpected materials; a 3' tall brass banana, an acrylic art sculpture. Anytime I can juxtapose hard and soft, dark and light;  it allows for a much deeper visual interest. However, no job is fully realized without proper lighting.

Rob & Wynter Photography

Rob & Wynter Photography

Q: What is your favorite color & type of rose?

A: Not a typical answer, but my favorite color is white. My favorite variety of rose is a Black Magic. I used it in my very first editorial projects and have always loved the deep blood red color and it's velvet-like appearance. 

Q: What inspires you most?

A: Fashion and architecture. I am usually drawn to clean lines and perfect symmetry. 

Rob & Wynter Photography

Rob & Wynter Photography

We are so excited to have Christopher's talent on display as  Floral Tastemaker! We hope that you'll join us. For tickets, CLICK HERE!