Handley Breaux Designs | Antiques at the Gardens Floral Tastemaker: Sybil Sylvester

Next week is the 2015 Antiques at the Gardens at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and I'm the first ever Floral Chair! To say I'm excited is an understatement. I have been working alongside many other talented people to make this year's Antiques at the Gardens the best year EVER! Like I mentioned, this is the first year that there will be Floral Tastemakers on this scale. In years prior, florists have been paired with dealers and tastemakers to make something small for the booths. This year is TOTALLY different. 

This year were are transforming the Education Hallway into a total floral experience. The theme is the "Art of the Rose" in honor of Mary & Jamie French. So once the theme was picked, I set to work curating a fabulous group of tastemakers to interpret this theme. I wanted the tastemakers to have loose guidelines because in the event world we deal with clients who tell us exactly what they want every weekend. I really wanted the tastemakers to be able to spread their wings and do what they do best ---- create! 

The "Art of the Rose" will be brought to life by nine different tastemakers: Sybil Sylvester, Andy Hopper, Mandy Majerik, Phillipe Chadwick, Mark Thompson & Jay Draper, Christopher Confero, Buffy Hargett, Holly Carlisle, and Holly Bryan. Today, I want to introduce you to Sybil Sylvester

handley breaux designs | floral tastemakers | sybil sylvester | antiques at the gardens | birmingham botanical gardens

If there is one person who I could credit with really igniting my fire for the event industry, it would be Sybil Sylvester. My heart has always been with flowers, and in college I had the opportunity to work with Sybil and her company Wildflower Designs on several events. I was hooked! Not only is she extremely well known and respected here in Birmingham, but she has received recognition on a national level as well. Most recently she was honored as a Woman of Style at ADAC alongside Charlotte Moss, India Hicks, and Calder Clark. 

Here is just a taste of Sybil's work. She is one of the most talented people I have ever known, and being able to watch her design and create is such a privilege! 

handley breaux designs | sybil sylvester | floral tastemaker | birmingham botanical gardens

Sybil is the go to floral and event planner for occasions throughout the Southeast United States, she built her business in Southern sass tempered by graciousness. Sybil utilizes local blossoms, sometimes from her own garden, and a global sense of what is hot in the world of International floral design in her works of art.

In honor of the theme the "Art of the Rose", I asked Sybil what her favorite type of rose is. She responded, "To me you can not beat heavily petaled garden roses with full, lush flat faces and loads on scent. Both Pink or Red "Piano" come to my mind."

handley breaux designs | floral tastemaker | sybil sylvester | birmingham botanical gardens

I really hope that all of you will join us at the Antiques at the Gardens Gala next week. Click HERE to purchase tickets! You'll get to mix and mingle with some really fabulous people.