Wear: Swimwear Favorites

Warmer weather has been teasing us around here lately and has caused us so much excitement for the spring! It is time to pull out the linen and whites and strut our stuff. As wedding season is about to be in full swing, we have been day dreaming about sitting on a beach with the sun beating down. Using our day dreams as a little inspiration for today's post, here are some top picks for this spring season.

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 10.22.28 AM.png

Spending most of my summers on the water, I am a bathing suit fanatic. I cannot get enough of all the new trends in swimwear. My style can be all over the place at times. I love neutrals and basic pieces but can never turn down a funky, bright colored article of clothing. It can be a true struggle finding a bathing suit with enough coverage these days. I love how these bathing suits are all such fun, classic pieces without baring all. Whether you're going on a bachelorette trip or family vacay, these bathing suits are perfect for any occasion.

I am 5'10 and that never stops me from rocking a wedge but this season I am obsessed with a good slide. They are so casual and can be worn with anything to give a cool girl vibe. You can usually find a pair just about anywhere but my favorite place to look is Free People. They have such a great selection that doesn't sacrifice the quality for a good price.

I think I would wear the same outfit everyday if I could wear a different pair sunglasses each day. Sunglasses are my very favorite accessory for anytime of the year. Granted I lose them like crazy, I am always on the hunt for a new pair.

Coverups can sometimes be a forgotten item on your list of must haves. I typically have one or two go-to coverups and one of those is always a Turkish Towel. Not only are they a great price but you can wear them different ways and they don't break the bank. I am also dying over these overalls. Although they are a little pricier I can tell I will practically live in them this spring.

1. The Nina One Piece

2. Dana The Delinquent Top & Bottom

3. Mara Hoffman Top & Bottom

4. Asos Top & Bottom

5.  Vegan Ages Sandal

6. Sandstone Playsuit

7. Freida Rothman Sunglasses

8. Persol Sunglasses

9. Turkish Towel

10. Paige Platform Sandal