Getting To Know HBD: Hannah Q&A

We hope you've enjoyed getting to know some fun facts about the Handey Breaux Designs team this week! If you're just now joining in on the Q&A series, be sure to check out the latest posts on Handley and Maggie!

I, Handley, will be the voice of today's blog, hey guys! Today we are featuring our Social Media Director, Hannah Masingill! Hannah brings such a breath of fresh air into our office, and she is always making us laugh showing us different memes on Instagram. In the stressful times of wedding planning, she really is such a bright light! I personally can be very spontaneous, and Hannah is always the first one to jump in the car with me on whatever crazy adventure I deem reasonable for that day. We hope you enjoy getting to know Hannah a little bit better!

Rob & Wynter Photography

Rob & Wynter Photography

1. Where are you from? Montgomery, Al

2. How long have you worked at HBD? "I started working for Handley in July 2017"

3.What is your favorite part of a wedding? "I have several but one moment that always gets me is when they bride and groom read their letters to each other before the ceremony. I always tear up thinking about the sweet promises in them."

4. What is your most embarrassing moment? "I was in a food eating contest in the 9th grade and ate 4 Chick Fil A chicken nuggets and threw up in front of the whole which I had just transferred to a couple months before."

5. What is your least favorite trend? "I've noticed a lot of people getting pugs recently..."

6. What is your favorite show to binge watch? "The Office or Law and Order SVU"

7. Who would your celebrity BFF be? "Either Kristen Bell or Chrissy Teigen"

8. What is your ideal "me" time? "Going to the movies by myself"

9. Who is your favorite singer/band? "I have an unhealthy obsession with John Mayer."

10. What is your favorite hobby? "It doesn't matter what I'm doing as long as I'm laughing."