Getting to Know HBD: Maggie Q&A

If you're just now tuning into the theme on the blog this week, we are doing a series of Q&As with the HBD team. Go check out yesterdays Q&A to get know our girl boss, Handley, a little bit better! Today is all about Associate Planner Maggie Keller. Maggie is always keeping it real around the office. She is organized, honest, and diligent.

photo by: Rob and Wynter

photo by: Rob and Wynter

1. Where are you from? Mountain Brook, AL

2. How long have you worked for Handley Breaux Designs? "I started working for HBD right after I graduated college in May 2017"

3. What is your favorite part of wedding? "One of my favorite parts of a wedding has always been right after the bride and groom are married and walk down the aisle. This officially became my favorite part of a wedding after Ellie and Davis’ wedding… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a couple so excited to be married and it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen."

4. What is your favorite hobby? "I love to bake but that isn’t good for my waistline, and I’m also addicted to online shopping which isn’t good for my wallet, so I think I need to find a new hobby."

5. What is your favorite TV show? "Right now my favorite show is This Is Us and Grey’s Anatomy, but I’m also a huge Kardashian fan and people like me a little less after they find that out"

6. What was your AIM screen name? "BamaGirl205 (for Ruben Studdard of course)"

7. What do you think the worst trend is? "Those awful tiny sunglasses"

8. Auburn or Alabama? "ROLLL TIDE"

9. Do you have any hidden talents? "I can do a backbend and touch my hands to my feet. Impressive right?"

10. Cupcakes or cake? "Cake"