HBD: Resolution Guide

If you saw our last blog post, you know how excited we are for the new year! With that being said, resolutions are easy to make but difficult to keep. The beginning of a new year feels fresh and renewing. Except some days you just don't feel like going to the gym, and you would rather eat chips and salsa in bed and binge watch Stranger Things. (or is that just us?)  Thankfully we're here to share a few things to help you stay on path and keep up those goals!

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1. momAgenda: I love this planner. It makes keeping life organized simple and easy. With so much space to prioritize your day, this planner is hard to beat! Not to mention it has plenty of sizes and colors to chose from.

2. Healthy in a Hurry Cookbook: This cook book has so many tasty and healthy options. Finding healthy recipes can take too much time and cost too much money. Healthy in a Hurry is the perfect cookbook for the woman on the go! Click here for 13 more great cook books to help you stay on track to a healthy 2018.

3. On Cloud tennis shoes: Because these shoes are not only cute but SO comfortable. Like they say, "look good, feel good"!

4. Stationary: It's easy to find cute stationary anywhere, but we specifically love the multitude of options Paper Source has! Not to mention at a great price. Having a pretty set of stationary gives us a little more of a push to write that thank you letter, sympathy letter, or a "no reason at all I just wanted to show off my stationary" letter. Either way, 2018 is all about being intentional in our relationships!

5. MINDBODY App: Ok, so you want to get fit this year but have no idea where you want to go and you don't want to sell your soul for a membership. We have you covered! MINDBODY is the best app for finding places to try in your area, intro deals, last minute offers AND it helps you keep a schedule of the classes you've signed up for through the app. Seriously. Go download it. You won't regret it. (promise this is #NotSponsored)