Fitness: Hustle For The Muscle

As the summer comes to an end, it's easy to lose motivation to keep up with your exercise routine. Whether you're sweating for the wedding or just becoming your best self, we are rooting for you! Today we have Amy Masingill sharing some special tips on not straying the path to a healthier you. Amy is a Personal Trainer at the Mountain Brook YMCA and also works with HomeFit Consulting, training people who are chronically busy in the comforts of their own home.

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Training for a specific event is a great way to maintain your focus and progress. Do not get discouraged or overwhelmed when beginning an exercise routine, it's important to keep it simple and make gradual progress. Be patient and realize you're not going to change everything at once. Consistency is key.

 Lose the mindset of "dieting." Cutting out all sugar, bread, sodas, ect. is not realistic and very few people can sustain a drastic change in nutrition for very long. It's important to change your diet in small steps. Stick to foods you enjoy and find your balance. For example, if you know you're going out for dinner and drinks with your friends, make sure your breakfast and lunch choices are clean and watch your portions. Fill yourself up with water, veggies, and lean protein options so you'll be less inclined to reach for the bread on the table. Always keep in mind what is motivating you to make healthier lifestyle choices in the first place. Use that motivation to stick to your exercise and nutrition plan.

 Lack of funds doesn't mean you can't get in shape! It's easy to get overwhelmed with all of the new fitness fads and boutiques. While those are great and fun ways of exercising, they can be pricey and not reasonable for everyone. You can get a great workout in with minimal to no equipment while never even leaving your home. Try a higher intensity body circuit in your living room, or simply go on a jog with your friends. Any movement is better than none!

Comment your favorite ways to stay in shape during the seasonal transition!