Beauty: Kerri Bunn's Winter Skincare Tips

Our beauty guru, Kerri Bunn, is with us today with some tips of how to keep your skin in tip-top shape all winter long. If you're like us, you battle with the daily questions of "Do I exfoliate too much? Am I applying too much moisturizer? Will I break out if I wash my face too much?" Fortunately Kerri is here to answer all of those questions! 

You know what I always say… "Do Whatever You Feel".... but don't forget to take care of your skin!!

No matter the season, good skincare routines are important. Especially this time of year when conditions are particularly dry and cold. Brrrrr!! So don't put off until tomorrow, what's necessary tonight! Truth be known, your skin takes a beating on a regular basis. Day in and day out, it's always in the spotlight... That spotlight being the sun or the cold, or whatever mother nature insists on for the day. So as we head into the thick of winter, let's all be a little bit more conscious of what we're up against.

Here are 3 tips for keeping Winter skin in tip-top shape!

  • Nighttime Cleansing~ Yes, I know we hear it a lot, but it's for a reason. Your skin soaks up its best nourishment while you're sleeping. So catching some Zzz's and a few extra doses of youth never hurt anyone, some say! Try adding a cleansing oil to your nighttime routine this winter to help retain the skin's NMF (natural moisture factor) and you'll be way ahead of the curve! I love this one from Tata Harper. It's light & airy, not heavily fragranced, and I give it 5 stars for effectively removing makeup. Plus, Tata made a name for herself in the latest farm-to-face skincare movement. She's doing things right with the latest technology in organic skincare. On her 1200 acre Vermont farm, she keeps things in motion, using ingredients that are free of toxins and other harmful side effects. Check her out at or at Saks.
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  • Masks~ I will tell you, I'm not usually a big advocate of spending extra $$$ on masks! They can be pretty expensive. But the latest Peptide Mask from Societé, it's got me spinnin'! Loaded with ingredients like hexapeptide-8, plant stem cells, and the like... they aren't skimping on how this mask will perform on your skin. Peptides you say? The function of peptides are to create long and short amino acid chains in the skin, when you use products that do this, those chains then are recognized in the skin as proteins and are then able to send messages to the cells to perform specific functions, such as "produce collagen" and little things like that. THIS IS HUGE LADIES!!! Who doesn't want more collagen?!? No one i've ever met, that's who! Combine a treatment like this with dermaplaning and your face has just won the lottery! Call me today if you want to drink from that fountain of youth-- 205.377.7434 
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  • Take your vitamins & get adequate rest~ Yes, I'm aware this sounds a little fishy, but that's exactly what i'm talking about. Your skin needs Omegas to help retain moisture while feeding your brain a little energy as well. It's like whistling while you work... You can Anti wrinkle from the inside out! There are great studies to prove what we do internally has a significant effect on how we respond externally. When your mind is rested, it functions more effectively, and so does your skin. Take inventory of what vitamins are essential to you and introduce something new this winter. I feel that adrenal fatigue is more common in the Winter months. We're naturally having shorter days and sleepier thoughts throughout the day, whilst trying to stay warm. Throw your system off in the best way with Adrenal Support from Standard Process. It's totally good for on the go, travel or I secretly take them before I sleep! Yes, the grass is greener on the other side of that!
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So this Winter, enjoy the skin you're in! Don't allow frustrations to take you over, start tonight and see what a difference just a few adjustments can make!

For more information on how to get your best skin yet, contact Kerri Bunn with BOMA Beautiful: 205-243-4845 or check out her website BOMA Beautiful.