Fitness: A Fit Spring Break

So you've been doing really well with your New Year's resolutions and you don't want to ruin all of your progress on your upcoming vacation? Shellie Davis joins us today with her tips for not losing sight of your goals while still enjoying your spring break! 

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Spring Break is right around the corner and with that comes shorts & sleeveless tops season! I want you to enjoy vacation and trust me I will enjoy mine too, but there is no need to completely blow all your hard work and have to start all over.

Here are some tips on how to stay on track during your spring break vacation.

1)   Plan your workouts in advance.  If you go ahead and get it in your mind that you are going to work out, you will have a better chance of following through. Exercising while on vacation will help you burn some of those extra calories that you don’t normally consume and it helps motivate you to make healthier eating choices. Sign up for a fitness class or map out a route to run or walk.  Print off one of my blog workouts so you will have it on hand. Plan something that will excite and motivate you to get moving during your vacation. Also, keep in mind, if you combine high intensity training with strength training, you will increase your metabolic burn (how many calories you burn) for up to 24 hours. That means you will still be burning calories while you are sitting poolside or on the beach!

2)    Prep your snacks. Airports and roadside stops are not likely to have many healthy options. Pack some healthy snacks like fruit, nuts, and protein bars. One of my favorite protein bars is Dales Raw Protein Bars. I also love matcha green tea almonds from Paleo X Pantry (currently sold at Sprout and Pour).

3)   Indulge in moderation. Do not deprive yourself of your cravings. Indulging with moderation will keep you happy! But, remember to choose wisely. Would you like to enjoy a light and fluffy breakfast pastry, a savory dinner option, or a sweet and rich dessert? Enjoy one and eat light and healthy the rest of the day.  (i.e., Breakfast: Egg Whites, chopped veggies and fruit; Lunch: unlimited mixed greens with lean meat; Dinner: Fish, steamed veggies; Dessert: cheesecake)

4)   Be smart with alcohol consumption. Alcohol packs a lot of empty calories and extra sugar. Alcohol also makes you more likely to overeat. Stay away from sugary mixers. Instead, mix with water and a splash of an all natural juice or club soda. Limit your wine intake and drink plenty of water along with the wine.


Return from your vacation energized, not full of regret by planning ahead and making smart choices!