Dine: Shellie's Tips for Healthy Holiday Snacking

The holidays are officially here, and so is your packed holiday schedule! Whether you're staying in town and hitting all of the holiday parties that pop up, or you're traveling to see all of your relatives, we have healthy solutions for you so you don't fall victim to finger foods. If you're like me, the holidays bring an added stress because my schedule is never the same. I always try to eat healthy even though my meal schedule might fluctuate, but it is so hard!  What can I say, I'm a sucker for a cheese tray. Luckily, Shellie is here this week to share some tips for healthy snacking on the go! 

We all have those days where eating fast food is unavoidable. And during the busy holiday season, we tend to have those days more than usual! We find ourselves desperate for somewhere cheap and convenient. Many of the meals at these restaurants contain a whole day's worth of calories in one order (whoa!) But you don't have to feel guilty when you eat fast food -- you just have to pay attention your order. There are still ways to grab food on the go, and make your experience as healthy as possible.  

To help you out, I have listed four fast food restaurants below with some meals you can order that are all under 500 calories!


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  • Grilled Market Salad and Fat Free Honey Mustard or Zesty Apple Cider vinaigrette (200 calories)
  • Chick-Fil-A sandwich (no bun) with a fruit cup (255 calories)
  • Grilled chicken sandwich with a fruit cup (370 calories)


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  • ide of Greek Salad with grilled chicken (400 calories)
  • Lean turkey pita and side of fruit (375 calories)
  • Chicken Kabobs, fresh fruit, and a side salad (480 calories)


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  • Protein Bistro Box (380 calories)
  • Edamame Hummus Wrap (460 calories)
  • Chicken & Black Bean Salad bowl (360 calories)


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  • Strawberry Fields Chicken Salad without blue cheese (480 calories)
  • Ultimate Grilled Chicken Sandwich (370 calories)
  • Asian Cashew Chicken Salad (full size) with light spicy Asian chili vinaigrette (380 calories)

Here are some of my favorite snacks to keep on hand to keep you out of the drive through. All of these will curb your cravings so you don't ditch your diet!

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  1. Apple with green tea covered almonds
  2. Raw vegetables with hummus
  3. Clementine with pistachios
  4. Grab the Gold bar
  5. Dale's Raw Protein Bar

I hope some of these suggestions will help you make smarter choices next time you are in a hurry! Fast food restaurants shouldn't be the staple of your diet, but when in need you can find some healthy options. 

Here's to keeping the holidays healthy!