Gift Guide: Gifts for the Host

One question we frequently get asked is the proper way to show appreciation to someone who has hosted a special event for you. After attending a dinner party or weekend spent in someone’s home, you should gift them with something that is not only personal but practical as well. Whether you give them something to make the next morning easier, help them relax during the stress of planning, or a gift to reiterate how special this past event was for you, I am here to help your creative mind flow with ideas. The first thing I would say is know who you are giving this gift to. The most expensive gift is not always the most thoughtful or practical. Just like a well written letter, homemade treats can often be some of the most adored gifts you can give. From putting together a well thought-out gift basket filled with their favorites goodies and home-grown vegetables, to buying a sweet piece of art or decor for the couple’s new home, you can often spend little to nothing on a gift that shows you really thought it through. 

A favorite amongst hostess gifts that we have found is a fun and sophisticated piece of art for the hostess’ home. Without spending an unnecessary amount of money, pieces of art can be seen as extremely thoughtful as well as an all around awesome gift to receive. Lacey Russell, a personal favorite of mine, creates beautiful framed sketches and paintings of almost anything from her most well known feathers, to crowns, hands, animals, and several other watercolor abstracts. With feather prints starting at $65,, her website, is easily able to be navigated and will help you find the perfect pairings of prints for your hostess and their home. And bonus, she offers special discounts to our brides!

If your hostess is a lover of jewelry, an awesome new brand of tasteful jewelry known as “Blair’s Belts,” is a great line of crocodile skin wristlets and cuffs that go along with almost any outfit. Started out of Atlanta, this fauther-daughter duo has transformed the world of jewelry and belts. Not only do these serve as wonderful hostess gifts, these can also work as gifts for bridesmaids, or other special guests attending various parties and events surrounding the wedding. Whether you chose a simple white statement piece for the bride, or several wristlets in the colors of the wedding, this gift will not only be appreciated, but worn in every day life. Depending on how much you want to spend, pairing this gift with a beautiful jewelry box or bag is another great way to tie a gift together. With wristlets and cuffs starting at $50,, her website, is another simple and straight forward website used to help gift-buyers find a simple piece of jewelry for a hostess, friend, or new bride-to-be. 

If you know someone with a green thumb, SHOPPE is a wonderful home and garden store that offers beautiful plant and floral arrangements of all different colors and sizes. Giving a hostess a beautiful floral arrangement for their home along with a charitable donation of your choice is a popular hostess gift many people decide to give. Whether it be a orchid for their home, or a larger outdoor floral arrangement for a porch or patio, a floral arrangement is always a much loved gift and SHOPPE, located in Birmingham, or online at their website,  can help make your hostess gift ideas and dreams come true. While also offering smaller gifts within the store to pair along with your plant, many gift givers turn to SHOPPE to help them a thoughtful and green gift for their friends and families. 

Lastly, a home-run hostess gift is always a well thought-out or even themed gift basket. While there are several pre-bought gift baskets you can buy for a hostess as a gift, the best way to do a gift basket is to hand pick each item that goes into it. This way, each item within the gift basket relays its own personal message to the hostess, ensuring a gift that your hostess will never forget. A website that offers a wonderful selection of various items perfect for gift baskets is With a store location in Atlanta, Waiting on Martha offers gifts from jewelry, stationary, home decor, pieces of art, bar and kitchen accessories, and even items for beauty and wellness. You cannot go wrong with picking a gift from Waiting on Martha or even creating a gift basket using several of their items as well. 

Getting To Know HBD: Hannah Q&A

We hope you've enjoyed getting to know some fun facts about the Handey Breaux Designs team this week! If you're just now joining in on the Q&A series, be sure to check out the latest posts on Handley and Maggie! Today we are featuring our Social Media Director, Hannah Masingill!

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Getting to Know HBD: Maggie Q&A

If you're just now tuning into the theme on the blog this week, we are doing a series of Q&As with the HBD team. Go check out yesterdays Q&A to get know our girl boss, Handley, a little bit better! Today is all about Associate Planner Maggie Keller. Maggie is always keeping it real around the office. She is organized, honest, and diligent.

photo by: Rob and Wynter

photo by: Rob and Wynter

1. Where are you from? Mountain Brook, AL

2. How long have you worked for Handley Breaux Designs? "I started working for HBD right after I graduated college in May 2017"

3. What is your favorite part of wedding? "One of my favorite parts of a wedding has always been right after the bride and groom are married and walk down the aisle. This officially became my favorite part of a wedding after Ellie and Davis’ wedding… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a couple so excited to be married and it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen."

4. What is your favorite hobby? "I love to bake but that isn’t good for my waistline, and I’m also addicted to online shopping which isn’t good for my wallet, so I think I need to find a new hobby."

5. What is your favorite TV show? "Right now my favorite show is This Is Us and Grey’s Anatomy, but I’m also a huge Kardashian fan and people like me a little less after they find that out"

6. What was your AIM screen name? "BamaGirl205 (for Ruben Studdard of course)"

7. What do you think the worst trend is? "Those awful tiny sunglasses"

8. Auburn or Alabama? "ROLLL TIDE"

9. Do you have any hidden talents? "I can do a backbend and touch my hands to my feet. Impressive right?"

10. Cupcakes or cake? "Cake"


Getting to Know HBD: Handley Q&A

One thing we take pride in here at Handley Breaux Designs is our relationships with our clients, vendors, and each other as a team. We believe that being as close as we are allows us to really bring our creative minds and energy together to create something unique and special.  Each day this week we will be featuring one of our HBD team members, sharing a little bit about them. We thought this would be a fun way for you all to get to know us a little bit better and it just so turned out we had a blast doing it. Today we are starting off with the one and only Handley McCrory, owner and executive planner of Handley Breaux Designs. Handley offers the best guidance and gives so much of her time and heart into everything she does!

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HBD 2018 Resolutions

There's something special about the beginning of a new year. The feeling of having a brand new year is like having a blank canvas with endless possibilities of what we can create. To start 2018, the HBD team thought it would be nice for you all to get to know us a little bit better! To give y'all a little more insight into each of us we are sharing with you some highlights of our New Years Resolutions.

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Festive: The Perfect Hostess Gifts

The holiday season is in full swing and with that comes an abundance of holiday parties. A hostess gift slump is easy to get in, so we gathered some of our favorite (creative) hostess gifts to get you through! Since we help our clients throw so many parties, we love hosting our own as well. These gifts would definitely add a smile to our faces!

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Festive: Wish List

It's finally December and we have SO much to share with you this month! We couldn't help but fill you in on some of the things on our wish list this season. Whether it's to complete a look or make your home a little bit more cozy during the holidays, we are all about it. Comment and let us know what's on your wish list this year!

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Fitness: Hustle For The Muscle

As the summer comes to an end, it's easy to lose motivation to keep up with your exercise routine. Whether you're sweating for the wedding or just becoming your best self, we are rooting for you! Today we have Amy Masingill sharing some special tips on not straying the path to a healthier you. Amy is a Personal Trainer at the Mountain Brook YMCA and also works with HomeFit Consulting, training people who are chronically busy in the comforts of their own home.

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Wear: Getting Ready For The Wedding

As wedding planners, we constantly get asked for ideas of how to make our clients' wedding stand out. While creating exciting design plans and using top notch vendors comes as second nature to us, picking out outfits for bridesmaids that are different from everyone else's tend to stump us just a tad. Let's be honest.. there aren't THAT many great options out there. So in efforts to keep our gals from blending in, we gathered some of our favorite "getting ready" outfit trends of the moment. Enjoy!

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Valentine's Day Gift Guides

Valentine’s Day is full of excitement for all of the kiddos in your life! They’ll love nothing more than to come home to these thoughtful gifts after a day of exchanging treats with their friends at school. These gifts are both practical and fun. Creating lasting memories of Valentine's Day that will stick with them throughout the years!

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