Handley Breaux Designs | Meet Mackenzie!

This summer has been so busy so we are delayed in announcing BUT we have a new Executive Planner in our office… and it’s Mackenzie! We are thrilled to welcome Mackenzie to the HBD team! Many of our regular vendors have had the opportunity to meet her, and we’re excited for her to get to know everyone better. Mackenzie is from Houston, Texas and just recently graduated from The University of Alabama. She is such a positive addition to the office and her witty sense of humor keeps us laughing! We asked Mackenzie a few questions to get to know her better, check them out!

Alisha Crossley Photography

Alisha Crossley Photography

What is your favorite part about wedding day? 

My favorite part about wedding days is seeing the bride and groom walking back up the aisle after they say I do. Just the look of pure happiness and love on their faces just makes me smile, and that this moment is the same at every wedding even though they are all very different! 

What is your favorite wedding trend? 

The trend that I am crushing on the most right now is COLOR being brought back into weddings! We are seeing so much pink (my favorite color) and blues and greens. Brides are starting to branch out of the traditional and are wanting to be bold and make a statement — so I’m loving that!

Alisha Crossley Photography

Alisha Crossley Photography

What is your favorite food, show and book?

Food is easy, I love carbs so pasta is my favorite, especially fettuccine Alfredo!

My favorite show that I could sit and watch whenever it comes on would be Say Yes to the Dress. I love seeing how quickly the dress styles can change season to season.

My favorite book would be The Great Gatsby. I think the flapper era was just so glamorous, and I love getting to read about the love story!

What do you like to do for fun? 

I love going and trying new restaurants with my boyfriend, Hunter, on the weekends! I also love just hanging out at the house with our two new Labrador puppies, Cash and Jax. Going to the movies is also something I love to do anytime of day. The previews at the beginning are my favorite part!

What is your dream vacation? 

That’s so easy. It would be Paris, France! I know that’s such a basic place to say, but right now I am obsessed with everything Parisian. From Chanel to the croissants— I want to experience it all in real life and see all the fashion and sophistication the city has to offer. I also am really wanting to tour Versailles and see how grand and luxurious it is. 

What is your dream job? 

I am doing it right now!! I have loved all things wedding and planning my very own ever since I was little. Being able to do this as my job everyday really is a dream and helping a bride to make her dream wedding come to life and be a part of it is so special to me. I am so thankful to have so much love for what I do because it doesn’t feel like work to me!

Mackenzie and her boyfriend Hunter with their two puppies, Cash and Jax.

Mackenzie and her boyfriend Hunter with their two puppies, Cash and Jax.

Who would be your celebrity BFF and why? 

Carrie Bradshaw would definitely be my celeb BFF. She is girly, fun and loves to shop— just like me— so we would get along great in those areas for sure. Carrie would also give really good advice when it comes to all sorts of topics, and I would listen to her. She’s fun but can also be serious and there for you when I would need it most!

What is your favorite thing about working for Handley Breaux Designs? 

That’s a tough one because I truly love everything about it! But if I had to pick one thing that was my favorite it would be getting to work with an awesome group of women everyday. We can all work hard and get a bunch done, but we have so much of fun doing it. The vibes and atmosphere in our office is one like I have never been apart of before and something I will always want to work in!