Handley Breaux Designs | Courtney + Michael's Engagement Session

We are looking forward to Courtney and Michael’s upcoming August wedding here in Birmingham! We wanted to introduce you to this fun couple and share some pictures from their engagement session with Alisha Crossley Photography. These two met in November 2012 at the University of Alabama where they were set up on a blind date by mutual friends - they have been together ever since! We asked Courtney and Michael a few questions to get to know them better, below are their responses!


Where did y’all get engaged?

“I had no clue that this was happening! I am very hard to surprise and he somehow pulled off a huge surprise! On Sunday, February 3, (Super Bowl Sunday) Michael asked me to marry him at the Cahaba River Walk, next to Brookwood Baptist Church (where we are getting married & my parents got married). That spot on the Cahaba has been a place we walk frequently over the last few years! We had champagne together and when I thought the surprises were over, we got to my parents house and it was full of our friends and families who were already celebrating! His family flew down from Philadelphia to surprise me, it was the best day ever!!” - Courtney


What are you most excited for at the wedding?

“Seeing each other down the aisle for sure. We are not doing a first look so once the church doors open we will see each other for the first time on our wedding day and that moment is something that is so special to both of us! Also, being surrounded by all of our friends and family in one place! Our families live so far apart from each other so that is so special! We are blessed to have so many who care for us.” - Courtney


What are your favorite things about each other?

“Michael is such a gentleman, it was one of the first things I noticed about him. He is loving, attentive and always brings a positive outlook to every situation. He loves hosting and entertaining, and making sure everyone is having a great time! Also, I love his family!” - Courtney

“Courtney is selfless, compassionate, strong willed and even stronger hearted. She carries beauty and grace where ever she goes, and brings out a sense of comfort when you are with her.  She is a woman who is curious and adorable, smart and savvy, funny and sexy. Great Family too - my home away from home.” - Michael


What are your plans for after the wedding?

“We are honeymooning in Napa Valley, CA! We are SO excited. After the wedding, I am moving down to Ponte Vedra, FL where Michael lives now. We haven't lived in the same state in over 4 years, so you could say we're pretty excited!!!” - Courtney

“She's super excited. So am I - doing laundry and cleaning the place just got 50% easier.” - Michael