Handley Breaux Designs | The Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is one of the South's most beloved traditions. It's filled with culture, delicious food and drinks, sports, betting and amazing fashion, who wouldn't want to throw a party inspired by this great event? With so much history behind such a fun event, there are thousands of creative directions you can go when planning a party surrounding the derby. 

If you only serve two drinks at your derby inspired party, they hands down have to be "The Lily" and Mint Juleps. The Lily includes vodka, sweet and sour mix, triple sec, and cranberry juice. As for Mint Juleps, this drink calls for fresh mint leaves, sugar, seltzer water, crushed ice and bourbon. These two drinks are iconic when it comes to the Kentucky Derby and it will be important to stock your bar accordingly. Along with serving such iconic drinks at your party, this also opens a door to having very creating bar set-ups that include mini bottles of bourbon or drink-making stations. Also, including and mimosa or bloody mary bar never hurt anyone. 

As for food, this is another key component to the success of your party. Typically, derby parties are earlier in the morning so having good food is crucial for your guest's enjoyment and happiness. As for traditional Kentucky food, Kentucky Hot Brown sandwiches and Benedictine Sandwiches are easy finger food that your guests can enjoy without worrying about getting too messy before the day begins. Early parties also open a door to have an awesome display of various brunch foods such as breakfast casseroles, grits stations, biscuits and other breakfast sweets and so much more. Truly, and food with Bourbon incorporated will be a home run for your derby inspired party and leave people feeling like they in Kentucky themselves. 


And for those with a sweet tooth, custom cookies! Here in Birmingham we have so many wonderful bakers to choose from. 

kentucky derby cookies

Here are some other great Derby party ideas we're loving!