Handley Breaux Designs | Bridal Editorial Shoot

This week we are excited to see our Bridal Editorial shoot featured in Cottage Hill Magazine! We have always admired Cottage Hill Magazine's work and are honored to have been apart of such an incredible publication. For this shoot, model Hannah Godwin and photographer, Jeremy Jackson, helped us capture the elegance and simplicity of a bride embracing black and white photography. 

The inspiration that we put into this photo shoot comes from a desire within me to create images that you feel, not just see. Something so beautiful that it transcends time and resonates within you for years to come. That is what true love does to you. You witness it and feel a comfort. These images lead you through a day of preparations and leave you with a baited breath. I designed this in a way that you would be left with a hope for love- so that the viewer could create their own fairy tale ending in their mind. The photography style paired with the intricate details were the perfect combination, and brought the vision in my mind to life.