Handley Breaux Designs | Welcome Associate Planner Clay Greene!

Handley Breaux Designs keeps on growing! We're so excited to end 2016 and take on a super busy 2017 with Clay Greene on our team!  Clay is born and raised in Birmingham, and studied history at Auburn University. Clay became involved in the event world after working for a music booking agency specializing in mostly weddings. While working with them, she fell in love with the special event industry! She has been an events director for a number of different venues in the Birmingham area. After getting to know a number of people in the industry, and working as an events director at Avondale Brewing Co., she knew that this is exactly what she wanted to do. Clay's years of experience and knowledge of the area are such an added asset to our team! 

Handley Breaux Designs | Clay Greene | Associate Planner | Southern Wedding Planner

We're excited for all of our clients to get to know Clay, so we did a little Q&A!

HBD: When you aren't working, how do you like to spend your free time?

C: I honestly love to read. It used to be hard to tear me away from a good book! Now, my hobbies pretty much revolve around my children. I love to take them on walks and go on different adventures around town....and to read books with them when they will sit still!

HBD: We know we love a good vacation! What is your favorite getaway?

C: I can't ever get enough of the beach! 30A is my favorite place!

HBD: What is your favorite parts about working in the weddings and events industry?

C: I love helping people with a day that is so special to them. Being able to do what I do and take the stress away from a family, allowing them to enjoy the day, is very rewarding! 

Clay lives in Birmingham with her husband Mac and their two children Ellie and Davis. You'll be seeing her around the Handley Breaux Designs office and events very soon! We hope everyone gives her a warm welcome! For assistance or to plan an event, email Clay at clay@handleybreauxdesigns.com -- she's excited to get started!