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Wedding season is here in full force! While I am running around like a crazy person making sure everything gets done, there are two girls by my side keeping me sane. Today I would like to introduce y'all to my fabulous summer interns Keaton and Margy! They've been doing some guest blogging, but today I want you to get to know them a little bit. Every weekend is a team effort and I couldn't do what I do without them! 

Our youngest intern Margy will tell you a little about herself --- 

My name is Margy Long and I am from Marietta, Georgia. I am 20 years old and will be a junior at the University of Alabama in the fall. Ever since I was little, I have always enjoyed planning all different types of events for both my friends and family so I have always had a passion to work in the event industry once I graduate college. Also, I have always had a fascination with weddings from movies and television shows (The Wedding Planner is one of my favorites) because it is such an exciting and happy day for both the bride and groom, and their families. Lastly, I have always wanted to work in a profession where I can see the true happiness of others. I believe weddings and events will give me this opportunity. For me, being able to assist in one of the most important days in one’s life, making it the best it can possibly be, is a lifetime ambition of mine.

What is your favorite wedding trend right now?

My favorite wedding trend right now is the ‘first look.’ I think that giving the bride and groom this moment before the ceremony begins is an intimate and unforgettable experience for them. This allows the bride and groom to take pictures and make a memory that will last a lifetime. Although many believe that the first time the groom should see the bride is when she walks down the aisle, I believe this new trend allows privacy for the bride and groom to share this special moment.

What is your favorite part of the wedding day?

My favorite part of wedding day is when the music drastically changes and the bride begins to walk down the aisle. This is such an anticipated moment after many months of planning, that truly marks the beginning of the bride and groom becoming one. 

If you could take any vacation, what would it be?

My dream vacation would definitely be to Turks and Caicos- anywhere warm with crystal clear blue water!  

We're always on the go! So, what three things are always in your purse?

The three things that are always in my purse are: my phone, my sunglasses, and my planner. 

Margy, myself and Keaton

Margy, myself and Keaton

Our second intern, Keaton, grew up near Cleveland, Ohio and now lives in Tuscaloosa. 

What is your favorite wedding trend right now?

My favorite wedding trend of 2015 is the naked wedding cakes!!! Their simplicity is beautiful and reflects the natural beauty trends in makeup and outdoor venue choices that is so popular this season.

What is your favorite part of the wedding day?

It is difficult to choose one single moment as my favorite moment of a HBD wedding day...if I had to pick just one moment, I think I really would go with the cliche moment when the groom first sees the bride! Whether the two choose to do a "first look" photo op or wait until they walk down the aisle, the couples' worries and anxieties always seem to slip away. As a planner I am reminded of why we work so hard to put together a beautiful day- because the couple deserves a celebration the reflects their beautiful romance! It is so cheesy but so true! I've dreamt about having that moment of my own since being a little girl.

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

My current dream vacation is definitely inspired by the movie Midnight in Paris! I am dying to walk the streets of Paris!!

Since we are always on the go, what are the three things that you always carry in your purse?

I always have Eclipse spearmint gum, my drivers license, and my cell phone in my purse! Boring, but practical! 

Myself and Keaton

Myself and Keaton

 I couldn't be happier to have these two talented ladies on my team! They'll be guest blogging all summer so keep your eyes peeled for the next post! Happy Weekend everyone! 

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