Handley Breaux Designs | Summertime Soirées

Well, Summer is here and so are engagement parties, weddings, and backyard soirées. We've compiled some of our favorite bar and backyard accessories to help you start preparing for your next event. We wouldn't want you to be anything less than the hostess with the most-ess! 

The first step to hosting any successful event is making sure all of your guests will feel comfortable. Think of your backyard as an extension of your home---spruce it up and make it feel as welcoming as the inside of your home! Create an outdoor space that is comfortable and bright by extending your style outdoors. Add some fun candles or string lights to your patio or deck for ambiance. String lighting is a great way to add a fun lighting element to weddings, so why not your party? Perhaps add a fire pit to your yard and set up a s'more station. What fun! If you're hosting an engagement party, don't forget to honor the bride and groom to be with engagement decor! 

handley breaux designs | summer soiree

After you create your celebration space, you will want to put together the perfect bar cart! For an outdoor engagement party, you'll definitely need cocktails AND champagne. And you all know how we feel about champagne... Go ahead and invest in sturdy glasses. No one like a spilled mess! We love Moscow mules served in the traditional copper mugs for a fun out of the box cocktail. Be sure your bar cart looks super cute with colorful accessories that have a purpose. Add items that you know you'll use again to get the most for your money. You know your guests the best, so make sure you have enough drinks to go around! 

handley breaux designs | summertime soiree | bar cart
handley breaux designs | summertime soiree | moscow mule

Now what to wear?! You've perfectly set up the entire party and coordinated every accessory, but you haven't thought about yourself --- this is my problem every time! Whether you want an excuse to shop or you just want to go shopping in your own closet, we suggest you put together a comfortable and stylish outfit for your next summer evening party. Ladies, wear comfortable (and cute) shoes. Here in the south, flowy clothing is the way to go to stay cool outdoors. We frequently stop by local boutiques Stella Blu and Gus Mayer for our fashion emergencies. And of course every guy needs a BHM hat from Aviate! Even the girls can wear them to a casual affair. 

handley breaux designs | aviate | summertime soiree

Last but not least, make sure you don't show up empty handed if you're a guest. A short note to the hostess or the engaged couple is always appropriate! Here are some of our favorite right now: stylish cards by Rifle Paper Co, The Social Type, or 1Canoe2! 

handley breaux designs | summertime soiree | cards